Alcaline blackening

Alkaline blackening of steel materials is a proven and reliable way of steel surface treatment. Alkaline blackening is also known as blacking in hot tub.

Benefits of alkaline blackening

Alkaline blackening gives steel products a more attractive appearance, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion treatment and, in combination with suitable preservatives, a longer service life. The blackening creates a fine rust, which remains firmly attached to the metal and prevents further oxidation. Compared to the application of ferric oxide Fe2O3, which is peeling off from the metal surface, alkaline blackening is a much more efficient and stable metal refining process.

Application of alkaline blackening in practice

Alkaline blackening is used in the manufacture of weapons, gauges, binoculars, as well as in the engineering industry.

Dimensions of components for alkaline blackening

The maximum dimensions of the blackening components are 950 x 1150 x 230 mm (HxWxD), with a maximum weight of 500 kg. Dimensions of bathtubs for surface treatment are 600 x 1200 x 250 mm (HxWxD). In case of individual requirements for blackening of components of larger sizes, we are able to provide blackening up to 750 x 2400 x 140 mm (HxWxD).

Price list of alkaline metal blackening

Price: 1,30 € without VAT / kg The minimum invoice amount for the surface treatment of parts produced by machining is € 30.00. For a weight that does not reach the billing value of € 30, the billing difference will be charged. Price: 12, – € without VAT / 1 m2 In the case of surface treatment of large-area and light-weight components, for example for sheet-metal parts up to a thickness of 3 mm, the invoice price is not dependent on the weight but on the area of these products. For larger parts, we will determine the price of alkaline blackening individually, based on your demand.