• Machining – We use splinter machining of metal castings. Our production capacities and quality equipment allow us to produce flat and round shapes by turning, milling, drilling and grinding. We produce spare metal parts for small series, medium series and piece production according to individual customer requirements. We produce pins, bushings, screws, brackets, welded-on pieces, shafts, braces, flanges, lids, covers and other parts made of steel, aluminum, copper and bronze.
  • Locksmithing – We produce high-quality steel constructions made-to-measure as well as spare parts from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, sheet and profile material in serial and piece production.
  • Welding

    MMA (Manual Metal Arc) a method of manual arc welding using coated welding electrodes. MIG – MAG (Metal Inert Gas – Metal Active Gas) for this type of welding, we supply the filler material continuously to the welding spot by the feeding device. This method is also called shielded arc welding. We consider TIG to be one of the most complex welding techniques but also the most versatile welding method. We can achieve very precise and small welds in common and non-standard materials.

Production capacities

  • Our workshop is equipped with high quality machines and high-performance turning centers of well-known manufacturers DMG, DECKEL, MAHO and GILDEMEISTER.
  • CNC lathe DMG 310 V with actuation tools. Rotational diameter from ø 8 – ø 200, L=250 mm
  • CNC lathe DMG CLX 550. Rotational diameter ø 420, L=1225 full featured Y-axis with the possibility of milling
  • Lathe SN 50. Diameter ø 500, with slide rest ø 300, L=2000 mm
  • Centre lathe. Centre distance 1500 mm, rotational diameter above the centre 400 mm, and rotational diameter above the slide rest 200 mm.
  • CNC milling machine DMG 635. Traverse paths X=580, Y=435, Z=300 max weight of the work piece 560 kg
  • CNC milling machine DOOSAN. Traverse paths X=720, Y=480, Z=300 max weight of the work piece 600 kg
  • CNC milling machine Mas MCV 750. Traverse paths X=750, Y=500, Z=500 max weight of the work piece 650 kg X
  • Tool cuttur milling machine AVIA. X = 400, Z = 250, Y = 250
  • Milling machine FSS 315. X = 800, Z = 340, Y = 250

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